Microgaming Aurora Beast Hunter

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    Aurora Beast Hunter

    Basic information.

    The slot has 17 slot machines, 40 paylines, 3 bonus game modes, and the maximum payout per spin can reach x5000 of the bet!

    Function and mode of the main game.

    1. The structure of the reels.
    The reels have a non-standard 3x4x3x4x3 reel structure and 40 paylines

    2. Stacks of symbols.
    The symbols can appear in stacks, taking up part of the reel or the entire reel.
    Instead of a full stack of symbols, various wild symbols appear.

    3. Main character types.
    The top symbol can appear in various sizes, taking up to an entire reel, regardless of its size.

    4. Wild symbol-general description.
    Replaces any symbols other than the Scatter symbols.
    The wild symbol has its own meaning and is the main symbol on a par with the Aurora symbol.
    Five wild symbols appear on the active x12. 5 bet line.

    5. Wild species.

    The game features different types of wild symbols, which are creatures:

    a. Expanding Wild-expansion (multiple types).

    b. Stacked Wild — stack (multiple types).

    c.Sticky Wild Stack-sticky.

    d. Random Wild — random

    Aurora Beast Hunter.png

    6. Cash Prize function.
    This function is run randomly.
    The player receives a prize that depends on the Wild symbols that fall out: x1. 5 is awarded for the Expanding Wild and x2 for the Stacked Wild.

    7. The Random Wild Feature.
    This function is run randomly.
    The player is awarded from 1 to 5 Wild symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5.

    8. Sticky Wild Stack function.
    The player is guaranteed to get an Expanding Wild or Stacked Wild.
    If any of the Wild turns into a Sticky Wild, a re-spin is awarded, during which the reels without the Sticky Wild scroll again, and the sticky Wild remains in its place.

    Aurora Beast Hunter2.png

    9. Repeat rotation.
    If 2 Scatter symbols fall out, the player gets a re-spin of one reel and the opportunity to get the missing Scatter

    Aurora Beast Hunter3.png

    Bonus game mode.

    1. Launch.
    The bonus game is triggered when the Scatter symbols appear on reels 1, 3 and 5.

    2. Select the mode.
    At the very beginning, the player is given a choice of 3 options

    Aurora Beast Hunter4.png

    a. Sandstorm bonus game.
    Number of free spins: 12.
    Function: A cash payout of x1. 5 for the Expanding Wild and x2 for the Stacked Wild is awarded.
    Maximum possible win: x1000 of the bet.

    b. Danger Zone bonus game.
    Number of free spins: 8.
    Feature: random Wilds in the amount of 1 to 5 pieces each spin.
    Maximum possible win: x2000 of the bet.

    c. The Sub.

    Number of free spins: 5.
    Feature: each spin of any reel is allocated.
    If the Expanding Wild or Stacked Wild symbol appears on such a reel, it turns into a Sticky Wild and remains in its place until the end of the bonus game.

    Additional Free Spin: Awarded for each Sticky Wild received.
    Maximum possible win: x5000 of the bet

    Aurora Beast Hunter5.png

    Technical information

    Paylines: 40

    Maximum payout per spin: x5000-manufacturer's limit

    RTP slots: 96.27%

    Release date: 23/06/2020


    Start hunting Monsters with Aurora, getting different features in the main game mode!
    After receiving the bonus game, you need to make a choice whether you want to win less, but with a guarantee, or it is worth taking a risk with the opportunity to get up to x5000 from the bet!
    The winning options in the bonus game are: x1000 from the bet, x2000 from the bet and x5000 from the bet.

    Where to play.

    You can play for free and without registering in the slot "Aurora Beast Hunter" by clicking on this link
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