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    Binary Options Silver Touch Bot

    Made For Auto-Trading on on Vix-100 Touch no touch trade type.
    Bot Strategy Based on Current Tick direction & momentum.
    Bot Analyses Rise & Fall Market Heads to determine The Direction.
    In-built Smart Trend Filters to prevent Consecutive Loss.
    Can run on Your Smart-phone Google-chrome Browser
    Always test Bot on Virtual Account first to Understand how it Works.

    Binary Bot.png

    How to Start bot:
    Step 1: Binary bot Registration:
    Or Deriv (New brand):
    Step 2: Go to or
    Step 3: Upload the downloaded .xml file
    Step 4: Run the bot
    Step 5: Make money

    DOWNLOAD Binary Options Silver Touch Bot
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    thanks ;)
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    Почему тут доход 0.41 а у меня 0.01??

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