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    Wolf Digits Bot by King Binary Bot

    For Trading Over_Under Digits on Vix_100 Index
    Don't Change The Market
    Don't Save The Bot: Use The Original file Always
    Not More Than 10-Runs
    Bot Needs To Have a Stable Internet Connection: (20-Mbps & Above)
    Run Twice Daily
    Bot Can Work on SmartPhone Browser

    wolf digits 1.png

    How to Start bot:
    Step 1: Binary bot Registration:
    Or Deriv (New brand):
    Step 2: Go to or
    Step 3: Upload the downloaded .xml file
    Step 4: Run the bot
    Step 5: Make money

    DOWNLOAD King Binary Bot
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    thanks frein to your share this bot
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    Thank you.
  20. Your bot are excellent. I'm sure, this one too

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