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    Tick Picker Pro

    Tick picker is an application to help traders determine the state of the market. It the software developed for the analysis of market and prices, and then give a signal forecast of the market. Tick picker (TP) in combination between certain strategies in the trade. It was designed with long research before to get the best result. It really works by comparisons feed price and then to determine the strength of the movement.


    This application is just helper to give you suggestion when to open your order. In good
    market condition, you can make profit with this up to 98% of winning ratio. Note that
    the decision is yours , the application is the helper, and you will open the order
    yourself, so take care about the market movement, condition and avoid unsure market
    and wrong signal to get best result in your trading.
    Finally, I hope you enjoy your trading and get your profit every time.

    Use only with brokers /

    DOWNLOAD Tick Picker Pro

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    Thx Admin
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